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Endang Budiasih1, Achmad Rizal2, Saiful Sabril3

1Computational Science Research Group (CSRG)

Fakultas Sain, Institut Teknologi Telkom, Bandung

2,3Biomedical Signal Processing & Instrumentation Research Group (BioSPIN)

Fakultas Elektro & Komunikasi, Institut Teknologi Telkom , Bandung

Jl Telekomunikasi no 1, Trs Buah Batu, Bojong Soang ,Bandung,2


Usually, physicians diagnose lung diseases by listening to the lung sound using stethoscope. This technique is known as auscultation. Some lung diseases produce unique lung sounds, which refer to special recognized pattern. But the main problems concerning are the lung sounds that have low frequency (20 – 2000 Hz), low amplitude,  in addition to other factors such as interference from other sounds, ear sensitiveness, and low variety of the pattern of lung sounds that make them almost similar. These came factors lead to the false diagnosing of lung disease if the auscultation procedures are not conducted correctly. In this research, we developed electronic stethoscope which is integrated with auscultation software. Electronic stethoscope captured the heart/lung sound and recorded into PC via soundcard and auscultation software will display the sound. In the software, we have lung/heart sound database, so we can compare recorded sound with data in database.

Keywords: stethoscope, lungsound, heartsound, auscultation.

Paper ini dipublikasi kan pada Konferensi Nasional Sistem Informasi 2011, 25-26 Februari 2011 di STMIK Potensi Utama, Medan

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